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Insulation Services

Attic Upgrades

Attics account for 35-40% of your overall heat loss.  Adding an attic upgrade can reduce the percent of heat loss by more than half, shrinking your utility bills.  By taking the necessary steps like "air sealing" and new insulation, can save you considerable money.

At Living Green we cover all aspects of attic insulation from fiberglass blow-inn, Rockwool and urethane foam.

We also cover recessed lighting for heat bounce back, foam seal all unwanted penetration and make sure you have good air flow in the attic to prevent ice dams.

Crawl Space

Your crawl space accounts for 30-45% of your overall heat loss.  We can come in and add new vapor barrier, seal the rim joists and insulate your foundation walls.  Our crawlspace upgrades can dramatically improve your house's energy efficiency. 

Urethane Foam

Urethane foam is an amazing way to air seal insulate and sound proof.  With our LPG Urethane not only can we insulate but we can provide polyurea coatings for foundation/roofing and water proofing such as ponds.

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